People At The Heart Of New General Mills Logo

Logo refresh focuses on making food people love.

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 18, 2017 (PRNewswire) — Have you noticed something different about the General Mills logo?

The food company's refreshed logo features a red heart near the top of the familiar cursive "G." 

"The updated logo and branding nods to our tradition — the big blue G — and adds a splash of red to make our passion clear: Making Food People Love," says Mary Lynn Carver, chief communications officer for General Mills. "And the logo is just the beginning. Our corporate brand is about telling the General Mills story thoughtfully, proactively and consistently." 

Like its five previous logos dating back to 1928, when four milling companies merged to form General Mills, the new design builds on the company's evolution. 

It offers a modern look while staying true to the company's mission and heritage. 

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