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Interactive Material-Handling System Demos

National Bulk Equipment recently launched an interactive, virtual plant-floor visit to 19 of the its bulk material-handling equipment installations.


National Bulk installationsNational Bulk Equipment recently launched a web-based resource for those involved in specifying, evaluating and purchasing bulk material-handling systems. It’s an interactive, virtual plant-floor visit to 19 of the company’s bulk material-handling equipment installations. According to the company, the resource is further highlighted by:

  • The ability to initiate and watch each system’s operating sequence and examine enclosed operations using cut-away views.
  • The power to select individual components from each system, and view the design, construction and performance specifications of that component.
  • The inclusion of bulk bag fillers and unloaders, container dumpers and fillers, and batch weighing, conveyance, mixing and storing equipment.
  • Suitability of the equipment for powder, food, plastics and chemical processing, as well as general industrial manufacturing.
  • The flexibility to view these fully functional interactive equipment profiles by mobile device.

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