Infographic: Critical Challenges in Food & Beverage Labeling

A survey, which polled 182 professionals from global companies, uncovered the challenges food and beverage professionals face when it comes to barcode labeling in a global supply chain.

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The amount of critical data required on a barcode label for products in the Food & Beverage Industry is far more complex than ever before. To better understand the challenges facing the Food & Beverage Industry, Loftware polled a group of nearly 200 labeling professional from around to globe. This report summarizes the findings from this survey including: Challenges of Food & Beverage labeling

  •     What labeling requirements are customers demanding
  •     What regulations are impacting labeling
  •     The biggest challenges in barcode labeling

Click here to download the following benchmark survey report to get answers to these questions and more. The answers might surprise you.

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