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Walker Says Candy-Maker Haribo Was Concerned With Foxconn

Walker said Haribo was concerned about finding workers for its planned Wisconsin gummy bear plant following news of the Foxconn deal.

(Image credit: Flickr)
(Image credit: Flickr)

Gov. Scott Walker says German candy-maker Haribo was concerned about its ability to find workers for its planned Wisconsin gummy bear factory after news broke that Foxconn Technology Group was building a massive facility nearby.

Walker said Friday Haribo "absolutely" was concerned and he met with company officials to calm their fears.

(Image credit: Flickr)(Image credit: Flickr)

Haribo is planning a gummy bear factory that will employ 400 people in Pleasant Prairie. Foxconn plans to employ between 3,000 and 13,000 workers at a display panel factory just 13 miles away in Mount Pleasant.

Walker told reporters that Manpower helped make the case to Haribo that despite the close locations, the two companies are in different markets for workers. He says the meeting left Haribo officials with "renewed confidence."

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