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Report: Trump Administration Stalled Or Stopped Hundreds Of Federal Regulations

White House budget office data showed that 469 rules were withdrawn and 391 were delayed in the administration's first five months.

Federal agencies under the Trump White House reportedly withdrew hundreds of proposed federal rules and delayed hundreds more during in the first five months of the administration.

The Associated Press, citing data from the Office of Management and Budget, reported that 469 proposed rules were withdrawn and 391 pending regulations were delayed compared to a list of new and forthcoming rules in late 2016.

Neomi Rao, the newly confirmed head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, told the AP that the initial steps are "the beginning of a kind of fundamental regulatory reform."

Trump made federal regulations a focus of his campaign and, after taking office, directed agencies to cut two regulations for each new rule proposed. Rao, however, said that would need to meet legal and cost-benefit standards and that reaching Trump's goals could be difficult.

Rao added that it would take time for businesses to see the effects of the rule cuts.

Advocacy groups sharply criticized some of the withdrawn rules over their impacts on workplace safety, consumers and the environment, and Democrats questioned whether the administration intends to fully implement some of the delayed measures.

Federal agencies reportedly expect to finalize 1,732 regulations this year — down 20 percent compared to the expectations in 2016 — and the White House asserted that their proposals would not result in economic costs.

The AP reported that 19 of the withdrawn rules had an estimated impact of at least $100 million.

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