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Blue Bell Confident Ice Cream Is Safe, Despite Potential Listeria Concern

This news comes amid Blue Bell’s re-entry into the marketplace after the company recalled its ice cream due to listeria contamination last year.

Last week, a Blue Bell spokesperson stated in a release that the Texas ice cream company had “identified suspected areas where bacteria may be present.”

The spokesperson clarified that, despite listeria’s potential presence in a Blue Bell facility, the company has yet to confirm the bacteria’s presence.

“We have tested and will continue to test every batch of ice cream produced,” said a Blue Bell spokesperson.

“No products produced have tested positive. No products are shipped to stores until tests confirm they are safe. We will continue to work closely with our regulatory agencies, as we have throughout this process.”

The Brenham-based company is currently in the midst of returning its product to stores after it recalled its ice cream and halted sales last year due to a highly-publicized listeria contamination.

Blue Bell’s recalled ice cream was linked to 10 listeria deaths in four different states.

The company stressed that it is committed to its enhanced safety procedures in their production facilities, the entire purpose of which is to better “identify locations where bacteria could be found in order to properly clean and sanitize the surface and prevent contamination.”

The ice cream company will continue to roll out its re-entry back into the market in states including Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi, among others.

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