'90s Kids Rejoice: Coca-Cola's Surge is Back!

Ready for a totally awesome ‘90s flashback? The Mountain Dew-like, citrus-flavored soda, Surge, is back! The blast from the past is only being sold online via Amazon.com.

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You know you’re a ‘90s kid when just the thought of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape and Crispy M&M’s makes you so nostalgic you could swear you hear the Macarena tune playing. Take a trip down memory lane with me by viewing Buzzfeed's list of classic '90s foods.

Ready for a totally awesome ‘90s flashback? The Mountain Dew-like, citrus-flavored soda, Surge, is back!

Coca-Cola introduced the soda in 1996 as an answer to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew. Although the drink had thousands of passionate fans, Surge was pulled from store shelves in 2001.

The blast from the past is only being sold online via Amazon.com. According to USA Today, the demand was so high on Monday that the product temporarily sold out twice.

Coca-Cola spokeswoman Sheree Robinson said the return of the soda is just a test. This is the first time the company is selling a brand online only, and this could potentially be the way it sells other niche brands in the future.

Robinson says the company does not have any immediate plans to bring other drinks out of retirement. 

“It has a big fan base, however, we’re not sure how that will translate into sales,” she said.

Only a limited supply were put online for sale but, that didn’t stop the cult-like fans from jumping at the opportunity.

The cans are being sold in 12 packs of 16 ounces each for an astonishing $14, plus shipping. But, true lovers to this citrus drink get free shipping if ordering more than $35 worth.  

Surge’s return is likely due to the large fan group, The Surge Movement, which has lobbied for the drink’s return since 2011.

Sean Sheridan, one of the founding members of the movement, said the group received an email in April from President of Coca-Cola North America Sandy Douglas, announcing the return of Surge. Sheridan said:

"From the beginning, we knew Amazon was going to be setting limits on how much people could buy on the first day to try to control the processing time between order placement and people receiving their Surge … As it turns out, the demand was much higher than they anticipated."

According to Wendy Clark, President of Sparkling & Strategic Marketing at Coke, the cans still feature the brand’s original retro design.

As it turns out, Surge’s tag line “Feed the Rush” isn’t so far off. Fans of this 230 calorie drink seem to truly get a rush from the return of Surge. That’s no surprise, though, with 56 grams of sugar packed into one can.

“Surge to me, it’s been a part of my life since it came out,” a Surge Movement founder says in a video about the return.

John Sicher, publisher of Beverage Digest, says citrus soft drinks account for nearly 11 percent of carbonated beverage sales volume in the U.S. Mountain Dew, however, overwhelms the segment with nearly an 85 percent share.

The next few months will be a time to listen and watch as Coca-Cola’s iconic ‘90s brand makes its comeback.

“This will be a great learning experience for us and a refreshing opportunity for fans,” Clark said.

After 12 long years of waiting, the resurgence of Surge is here.

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