FM In Focus: CPRAM’s Chonburi Province Facility

CPRAM is the largest producer and distributor of ready-to-eat food in Thailand.

Mnet 156083 Cpram Chonburi Hero

In mid-March, I attended a press trip in Thailand, hosted by the Thailand Board of Investment. About 70 other trade publication editors and I were shuttled around to various manufacturing and logistics facilities in the Bangkok area and southern coast of the country.

One of our visits was to CPRAM — the largest producer and distributor of ready-to-eat food in Thailand. As a subsidiary of CP Group, CPRAM’s product categories include: frozen-ready meals (49 percent of total); buns (34 percent); Suimai (14 percent) and rice ball & sushi (3 percent).

During our stop at CPRAM’s Chonburi Province location, we were given a presentation about the company and a tour of its innovation center and production plant. Due to the size of our group, we were unable to walk through the actual food production area, though we were able to view it from above through a series of observation windows. CPRAM’s Chonburi location was opened in 2013, and its state-of-the-art operation did not disappoint.

CPRAM is considered to be the first company in the ready-to-eat food market that applied a warehouse automation system. Including Chonburi, the company has five active factory locations. CPRAM plans to expand three of those facilities and add two more locations to meet its goal of increasing sales by as much as 15 percent per year by 2023.

Here's a look at what we saw during our visit:

Mnet 156067 Cpram Chonburi Gallery1 Mnet 156068 Cpram Chonburi Gallery2 Mnet 156069 Cpram Chonburi Gallery3 Mnet 156070 Cpram Chonburi Gallery4 Mnet 156071 Cpram Chonburi Gallery5 Mnet 156072 Cpram Chonburi Gallery6 Mnet 156073 Cpram Chonburi Gallery7 Mnet 156075 Cpram Chonburi Gallery8 Mnet 156074 Cpram Chonburi Gallery9 Mnet 156076 Cpram Chonburi Gallery10
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