Engineering Newswire: Treacherous Homemade Hoverbike Takes Flight

This Engineering Newswire looks at constructing the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide, searching for treasure with a robo-mermaid and testing out a treacherous hoverbike.

World’s Tallest & Longest Tunnel Slide

Last year, it was announced that the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture that was created for the 2012 Olympic Games was going to have a slide attached to it so visitors could quickly exit the observation deck.

The slide was designed by artist Carsten Höller in partnership with the creator of the structure, Anish Kapoor, and construction is now almost complete. When it opens in June, the slide will be 584-ft. long and 249-ft. high, and it will reportedly be the “world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide.”

‘Robo-Mermaid’ Recovers Shipwreck Treasure

Unfortunately, there are many places that human divers just can’t explore. But thanks to haptic technology and artificial intelligence, we are now able to virtually travel to these remote locations.

Stanford University’s humanoid diving robot, the OceanOne, just embarked on its maiden expedition to an untouched shipwreck off the coast of France. The droid even returned with a 17th century vase in its grip.

Homemade Hoverbike Takes Its First Flight

Youtube sensation and inventor Colin Furze has built a hoverbike by strapping a couple of two-stroke parajet motors and propellers to a metal frame.

It has no steering, no brakes, and no seat; however, with two accelerators, Furze manages to lift off on the treacherous contraption.

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