MM Blog: Soldiers Could Get 3D Printed Food

A look at the Army's research into customizing nutrition for soldiers in the military.

Army researchers are looking at 3D printing in an effort to tailor the nutritional needs of soldiers, as well as potentially cut back on costs. Personalizing the soldiers’ ready-to-eat meals would help them perform at their best, as a thin, short soldier likely has different nutritional needs than a tall, muscular one. Researchers say it would likely be combined with wearable technology, which would report a soldier’s nutritional information back to the base kitchen.

3D printers can currently make simple things like candy, chocolate and protein bars in about half an hour or so. With rapidly improving 3d printing technology, however, researchers say that time could be reduced. They’re hoping that the individually tailored food will start to be implemented within the next 10-15 years. Food technologists believe eventually soldiers could carry compact 3D printers for food on-demand, but that’s pretty far off for now.


Will 3D printing technology revolutionize food manufacturing? What are some safety concerns with implementing this technology?

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