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MM Blog: A Projected Virtual Touchscreen

A look at a convenient projectable smart screen that displays on your wrist.

Wearables are slowly gaining traction in the tech industry, but lately one in particular is catching eyes – and that’s Cicret’s bracelet. While most wearables are thin or flexible devices with screens, this bracelet projects a functioning touchscreen on your arm.

Performing all of the same functions as your current smartphone, the bracelet is turned on with a flick of the wrist. Finger motions are picked up by eight long-range proximity sensors on the bracelet which translate the movements and gestures the same way a smartphone screen does.

The bracelet will be available in 10 colors with either a 32 or 64GB memory. The company says it has a removable battery and is water resistant — so you can use it pretty much anywhere.

The company’s goal is to launch production by fall of this year, but it needs $500,000 to begin development and move toward mass production. The bracelets are set at a retail price of $300 with special incentives to those who donate.


Could you see this type of wearable taking off, or is it a gimmick? How could this technology benefit industrial workplaces?

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