Manufacturing Minute: A New Approach To Airport Security

In this episode, an automatic self-service security system to keep the lines moving.

Travelers and sports enthusiasts are quite familiar with the long queue lines to get through security. X-ray machines, scanners and metal detectors are fun and all, but Silicon Valley-based Qylur Intelligent Solutions thinks it’s come up with a better idea with the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution.

The way the Qylatron works is that travelers or sports attendees have their ticket scanned by a ticket scanner, which assigns them to one of the pods. The traveler then places their bag in the machine, closes the door and walks through a metal detector to the other side. The bag slides through the machine and is screened for any number dangerous materials.

If nothing is spotted in your bag, the door turns green and you can unlock it with your ticket. If the machine senses something dangerous in a bag, the doors lock, the screen turns purple, and a security guard is alerted.

The machine can handle 600 guests in an hour and has been installed at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco for testing.


Do you think this is a great way to rethink security? Could you see this being implemented in a warehouse or manufacturing setting?

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