Manufacturing Minute: A 3D Printer That Can Build A Home

In this episode, a 40-foot-tall and 20-foot-wide 3D printer called Big Delta.

An Italian company in the additive manufacturing industry has engineered a 3D printer that takes the housing industry to a whole new level.

The World’s Advanced Saving Project, or WASP, created a 40-foot-tall and 20-foot-wide printer called Big Delta. This printer constructs low-cost houses using inexpensive materials such as clay or dirt to combat the global housing crisis.

The giant printer is composed of a metal frame with a rotating nozzle in the center which, using a low amount of energy, forms a structure by layers.

WASP expects that this technology will not only prove beneficial to housing shortages in developing nations and poverty-stricken areas, but also to the future of self-manufacturing.

They call this vision the “MakerEconomy” in which 3D printing can benefit the basic necessities — “work, health and housing.”

What Do You Think?

Is this huge 3D printer going to solve the global housing crisis, or will it be unable to perform?

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