Automation Technology In Process Manufacturing Conference Offered

CHANDLER, AZ – Automation Technology in Process Manufacturing (ATPM) 2012 is a new conference that will focus on applying automation and control technology in process manufacturing. The conference, which will be held at the Lone Star Community Building and Conference Center, The Woodlands, Texas, May 21st-23rd, will bring together industry thought leaders and experts to discuss recent developments and best practices affecting process manufacturing.

The conference program focuses on four main topics: Procedural Automation, Alarm Management, HMI/Human Interface Design in Process Operations, and Control System Security and Performance.  Industry experts will show how the application of some of the newer standards such as ISA101 (HMI), ISA18.2 (Alarm Management), ISA99 (Control System Cyber Security) and ISA106 (Procedural Automation for Continuous Processes) can help manufacturing companies look to the future in a positive way and address some of the hottest industry issues.

The conference theme – “Focus on the Future" is targeted to help process manufacturers build their company’s global competitive capability. As global competition becomes a larger issue for every manufacturer, it becomes critical to understand and apply the latest process manufacturing expertise to remain competitive.

Attendees will learn how to:

- Improve control during transitions in continuous operations and address the loss of skills due to the retiring “Baby Boomer” generation.

- Respond to the growth in cyber-attacks on process manufacturing.

- Harness the power and flexibility of modern control systems as a helpful tool rather than a hindrance.

The conference agenda has been finalized and is available online at 

Conference discounts are available for members of WBF, The Organization for Production Technology and MESA International.  Full Conference and one day registrations are being offered.  Online registration is available at


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