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Computer Chip Sales Rise In May

Global computer chip sales rose 1 percent to $25 billion, due to demand for high-end electronics and use of chips in a growing number of devices.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Global computer chip sales rose 1 percent in May from a year ago to $25 billion, due to demand for high-end electronics, the use of chips in a growing number of devices and the industry's better-than-expected recovery from the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The data comes from the Semiconductor Industry Association, a U.S.-based industry group whose members include Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and other chip makers.

Compared with April sales of $24.6 billion, chip sales rose 2 percent in May.

The group said that the chip industry is seeing rising demand for tablet computers and e-readers, and more demand for industrial chips that can be used for renewable energy products like solar panels and e-meters. Demand for electronic systems used in vehicles has climbed too, the group said.

By region, SIA said that sales to the Americas rose 3 percent year over year to $4.5 billion; sales to Europe rose 4 percent to $3.2 billion; sales to Japan fell 10 percent to $3.3 billion and sales to Asia Pacific rose 3 percent to $13.5 billion.

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