Ford To Sell Electric Vans In Europe Next Summer

DETROIT (AP) -- Ford Motor Co. said Monday it will begin selling an electric-powered version of the Transit Connect small commercial van in Europe by late summer of next year.

The van will be able to travel up to 130 kilometers, or 80 miles, on a single charge. It can be recharged from a 220-volt outlet in six to eight hours.

Ford will make the shells of the vans at a factory in Kocaeli, Turkey, while the electric drivetrain will be assembled by Azure Dynamics Corp. of Oak Park, Mich. Shells will be shipped to a factory hired by Azure for final assembly, Ford said in a statement.

Azure is making the battery-electric system for the Transit Connect in the U.S. and Europe, which is to be ready for U.S. distribution late this year.

In Europe, the vans will be sold by Azure Dynamics through a network of dealerships. The van will be offered in both left- and right-hand drive configurations. Ford dealerships will handle servicing.

Pricing and exactly where the vans will be distributed was not announced.

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