Samsung Says Production Not Hurt By Power Outage

Seoul chip factory resumes normal operations after electrical blowout causes an estimated $43 million in losses.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Samsung Electronics Co., the world's largest chip maker, said Monday it expects to meet production targets and quarterly earnings estimates despite a power outage at a chip manufacturing plant last week.
All six chip production lines at a factory near Seoul resumed normal operations Saturday after an electrical blow out a day earlier caused an estimated 40 billion won (US$43 million) in losses, Samsung said in a statement.
''We plan to compensate for the production losses,'' Choi Chang-sik, senior vice president of the company, told reporters without providing specific figures.
''The company was able to resume normal operations quickly...and its third quarter result will speak for itself,'' said Hwang Chang-gyu, president of Samsung Electronics' semiconductor business.
The cause of the outage is still being looked into, he said.
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