Dow Corning Develops Adhesive For Chinese and Taiwanese Electronics Market

Controlled-volatility (CV) grade adhesive eliminates most of the potential sources of contamination and electrical failures.

Dow Corning Electronics announced Tuesday the availability of the first controlled-volatility (CV) grade, thermally conductive adhesive designed  specifically for the Chinese and Taiwanese electronics markets.

The EA-9189W White 1-Part RTV Silicone Adhesive was developed by the Dow Corning Science and Technology team, in partnership with the company's China Application Center in Shanghai.

Dow Corning's adhesive is undergoing qualification and adoption by several Chinese power module manufacturers as an alternative to adhesives currently on the market in China and Taiwan.

The addition of CV grade materials makes the adhesive particularly well suited for applications near sensitive devices, such as open relays and unsealed electrical motors, or in very confined spaces, as in small electronic devices.

In CV grade polymers, most of the small siloxane molecules, which are potential sources of contamination and electrical failures, are removed by a special evaporation process.

The adhesive is being supplied in an integrated solution featuring a 2.6-liter cartridge and custom-tailored dispensing equipment co-developed with an Asian equipment supplier. The 2.6 liter cartridges allow the adhesive to be dispensed more efficiently, with fewer cartridges left over, thus reducing the waste stream.


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