BAE Wins $1.2 Billion Deal To Remanufacture Bradley Combat Vehicles

Army deal includes upgrade of 490 Bradley A3 systems and 120 Bradley A2 systems.

BAE Systems said Tuesday it received contracts worth $1.16 billion from the U.S. Army to remanufacture and upgrade 610 Bradley Combat Systems and to provide spare components for the systems.

BAE will remanufacture and upgrade 490 Bradley A3 systems and 120 Bradley A2 (ODS) systems under the deal. Initial disassembly and subsystem rebuild will be performed at Red River Army Depot in Texas, final disassembly and structural modifications will be performed by BAE in Fayette County, PA, and final assembly, integration and test will be conducted at the BAE Systems facility in York, PA.

Work on the contracts will begin immediately, with deliveries scheduled to begin in April 2008 and run through April 2009.

BAE Systems has been awarded contracts totalling $501 million under fiscal year 2006 funding for reset and remanufacturing of 545 Bradleys. The current award for 610 Bradleys at $1.16 billion is under fiscal year 2007 funding.

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