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MM Blog: Advance Made Towards Bendable Electronics

A look at a potentially dramatic advance toward bendable and wearable electronics.

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A collaboration between Korea University and the University of Illinois-Chicago produced an ultra-thin firm that could alter how we produce and utilize electronics. Researchers spun thin fibers of polyacrylonitrile into a tangled mat, then coated it to attract metal ions and electroplated it with copper or other metals.

Most of what the scientists referred to as "nano-chicken wire," however, was essentially holes between the materials. The result was a material that's not only stretchy and bendable, but transparent and highly conductive to electricity. Researchers said the technology could advance everything from roll-up touchscreen displays and wearable devices to solar cells and even electronic skin. What's more, the processes used to develop the material are relatively simple and inexpensive.


Could these developments help put more wearables into factories and warehouses? What other industries or products could be helped by this technology?

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