MM Blog: A Smart Home Robot

A look at a limbless companion designed to assist busy families with everyday tasks.

Electronics and hardware company Asus just unveiled its latest and definitely its cutest home robot. Named Zenbo, this robot is designed to assist the busy modern family with everyday tasks, such as basic housekeeping, controlling connected smart devices or even entertaining children. At only about 60 centimeters tall and moving around on wheels, this tiny robot is made up of a spherical base a little larger than a basketball and a head with a digital display.

Aside from displaying photos or video taken with its built-in camera or acting as a touchscreen interface, Zenbo also features “high quality” integrated speakers for playing music or interacting with users. The little guy even recognizes natural speech and can respond appropriately. No launch date or technical information has been announced yet; however, the price of the robot will come in at just under $600 or basically the price a smartphone. 


Can you imagine other uses for this tiny cheerful home bot? Would you drop $600 on a robotic personal assistant, even if it is cute?

Email us or leave your comments below. 

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