MM Blog: A Force Field For Military Tanks

A look at a force field that provides military tanks with some seriously cool invisible armor.

Many years ago, an Israeli defense outfit developed a “bubble shield” for military vehicles. Essentially, this system (the Trophy Active Protection Systems) could track and destroy any incoming missiles or RPGs with a turreted shotgun before they could make contact. Aside from the obvious risk in driving tanks in combat zones for the human operator, tanks can also cost millions of dollars which is yet another reason why the military is looking to protect their investment. Well, now this force field-like technology is being tested on American M1 Abrams tanks, as well as Stryker vehicles.

The Trophy system is completely automated, so it can respond much faster to an incoming projectile than a human could. The U.S. Navy already uses a similar technology on warships but integrated these systems onto land vehicles is more complicated due to the weight and more unwieldy natures of the tanks. The Army will continue to test the Trophy systems on the ground, but hopes are high that this countermeasure could improve the strength and resiliency of its fighting forces.


Will adapting the invisible force field from sea to land vehicles prove too challenging? In what other applications or contexts could this technology also come in handy?

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