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MM Blog: Smart Contacts From Sony

A look at a “smart” contact lens that can record what you see.

Memories can consist of a number of senses — the way something smells, the texture of an object, a strange noise — and so on. Perhaps one of the most prominent, though, is sight. There are so many things we try to visualize again for various tasks, whether it’s trying to remember someone’s face or how exactly that demonstration went for the task at hand. But imagine if you could play that memory back like a recording, without the flaws or forgetfulness of simply trying to remember a faded moment?

Sony recently patented a high-tech contact lens that can record and playback images as well as provide internal storage. While Sony isn’t the first company to patent such a technology — following others such as Google and Samsung — it differs from previous technology by offering internal storage rather than external, allowing for faster and easier access to the recordings. 

According to the patent, the smart contact lens knows the difference between conscious and unconscious blinking. When the user intentionally blinks, it activates the camera’s mechanisms. The lenses will utilize a number of sophisticated technologies such as piezoelectric sensors and electromagnetic induction. They will also be able to compensate for the user’s eye tilt and can autofocus blurry images. There’s a lot of work to be done before these babies hit the market, but with the rapid development of all sorts of new and exciting technology, we may be “seeing” it sooner than later.


How could use of this technology benefit a factory setting? Do you foresee any issues with a tech like this?

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