MM Blog: Bendible Technology

A look at the flexible electronics paving the way in the marketplace.

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The Mobile World Congress is quite literally the world’s go-to event for anyone and everyone interested in the latest and greatest in mobile technology. One prototype debuted at the congress this year in Barcelona was a screen so flexible that you can wrap it around your wrist.

Made by consumer electronics company FlexEnable, this prototype screen uses plastic transistors to create the organic liquid crystal displays (or OLCD displays). FlexEnable says that these bendy screens can not only be wrapped around anything but also that the screens are ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and the cheapest way to produce flexible color and high-quality displays.

The company also says that they’ve been able to translate their technology into industrial production capabilities, including on manufacturing lines or as added security when wrapped around door handles. Although perhaps not best utilized as a wearable device, it seems like flexible electronic technology might just have a place within the industrial marketplace — maybe just not anytime in the too-near future.


Can you imagine this flexible technology being an asset in within your manufacturing enterprise? Or are these bendable screens just an over-sized and over-hyped fashion accessory with little practical use?

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