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MM Blog: Big Rig Screens For Safer Driving

Samsung is flexing its electronics muscle in an aim to make passing semis safer.

We’ve probably all be stuck behind a semi-truck, some farm equipment or at least someone going five under the speed limit. It’s annoying, you want to pass, but you’re just not sure how safe it is — because not everyone has a death wish. 

Well Samsung is taking a whack at trying to help partially solve that issue with its Safety Truck — a big rig tractor trailer with four large TV screens that are weatherproof, dustproof and anti-glare on the back of it. The screens are connected to a camera on the front of the truck, so a car behind the truck can see what's going on in front of the truck and know when it's safe to pass.

The company hopes that the technology in the Safety Truck will reduce traffic accidents dramatically and, when combined with future V2V technologies, will make driving safer.

Samsung is currently running a pilot operation of the Safety Truck in Argentina for the next four months, where most accidents are due to overtaking, with plans to expand the use worldwide after securing product reliability.


Do you think this is an innovative way to increase safety in the supply chain? What potential issues could you see with a solution like this?

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