A Train That Never Stops

A train that never stops? How in the world would you hop aboard? This concept video has (some of) the answers. You might want to turn off the sound, unless you're fluent in Mandarin. It's not going to help you any.

The idea is pretty simple: At any station, you get on a "boarding" cart, which is elevated on a second series of tracks. As the train comes speeding through the station, it hooks your boarding cart to the top while dropping off another cart at the station you just left. Then you're free to walk down into the train itself and wait for your stop to near. When you're ready to get off, simply hop back into the departing cart, which will stop at your destination as the train continues on.

Of course, there's some logistical issues, and some technological ones, but none of this is science fiction. How much more efficient would our subway systems be if they could implement something like this?

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