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Could Autonomous Cars Be A New Platform for Advertising?

A little under half of United States adults would find advertising useful in an autonomous car, according to Statista.

Aside from the home, one of the last bastions of the ad-free life is the car. Other than the badge on the steering wheel, the interior of a car is blissfully empty of any brands or companies trying to push their products or services on you (assuming you avoid the radio, of course). With an autonomous future on the horizon, though, could this all be about to change?

A recent survey by Ipsos for their spring edition of 'What The Future' tackled the subject of advertising in cars, attempting to gauge the potential acceptance among U.S. adults. When asked how useful they felt certain types of advertising would be in an autonomous car, the results were far from overwhelmingly positive, but a certain degree of openness does already appear to be present. The most popular variant, with 49 percent of respondents saying it would be useful, was being told about specials or sales at stores where the 'driver' has shopped at before. At the bottom of the list were notifications about passing by a restaurant you have visited in the past (27 percent).

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