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Industrial environments can be dangerous places – especially when workers and material handling equipment all share the same space. Rite-Hite has a full line of safety barriers to help prevent accidents throughout your facility and comply with OSHA walking-working surface regulations.

Rite-Hite Safety Barrier Systems Protect your people, profits and products 2 | | Safety Barrier Systems The science of safety Industrial facilities are inherently dangerous and use a variety of barriers to protect people, products and property. In some instances, these barriers may simply separate pedestrian traffic from other internal vehicle traffic. In other facilities, barriers may be employed to keep people away from automated processes and machinery or to protect employees against falls. Barriers may also be used to protect production equipment and/or the building itself from vehicle damage. In all cases, barriers play an important role in helping facilities operate safely and efficiently. An appropriate safety barrier should be selected after evaluating the application criteria. Barrier rating methodology Rite-Hite® has developed a test methodology to quantify specific application variables and determine barrier ratings in terms of total kinetic energy absorption, instead of a specific weight and speed. It is centered on the formula for kinetic energy (KE = 1/2mv2, where m = mass [weight] and v = velocity [speed]). Expressing the impact rating in terms of energy allows the user to understand the effects of various speeds and weights. It also helps determine a more appropriate barrier based on the application than would be possible with a single speed and weight rating. The chart below (Figure A) separates the barrier’s impact rating into three different areas. The green area shows testing where the barrier wasn’t damaged and it is capable of being impacted again. The yellow area shows where the barrier stopped the impact load, but would possibly need repair or replacement. The red area shows where the impact energy exceeds the barrier’s maximum rating. In these cases, the impact cannot be fully absorbed and the barrier would not be able to stop the load – indicating that this barrier should not be used for this application. The bottom line Installing safety barriers is a cost effective, yet important investment that can help prevent accidents, injuries and damage to products or equipment. Before selecting barriers to invest in, it is important to consider all of the application requirements. Once these site specific variables are determined and understood, a user can select the best barrier(s) to meet their safety and protection needs. 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 V eh ic le S pe ed (M P H ) 7500 10000 12500 15000 17500 20000 22500 25000 27500 30000 Vehicle Mass (LB) WILL NOT ABSORB AN IMPACT AT THIS ENERGY LEVEL WILL ABSORB A SINGLE IMPACT AT THIS ENERGY LEVEL, MAY SUSTAIN DAMAGE WILL ABSORB MULTIPLE IMPACTS WITH MINIMAL DAMAGE Energy of ImpactBLAST – Putting safety to the test Each Rite-Hite Barrier Safety product is BLAST* tested at various speeds and weights. Then each product is given an impact rating to help match the requirements of any application. By subjecting our designs to controlled, repeatable testing, we can offer sound science that backs up the solutions we offer. That’s the science of safety. *Barrier Load and Speed Test. Figure A CONSIDER THESE FACTS: » 34,900 serious injuries per year involve a forklift and 61,800 non- serious injuries per year involve a forklift. – OSHA » Workplace injuries and deaths cost society $200 billion in 2013 and a single injury can cost tens of thousands of dollars. – National Safety Council » Falls to a lower level are the second leading cause of workplace fatalities. – National Safety Council » Fall protection is the most frequently cited safety violation. – OSHA Safety Barrier Systems | | 3 Considerations There are several considerations facility managers should keep in mind when considering safety barrier applications: » What are the maximum gross loads and speeds of the material handling equipment expected to impact the barriers? » Is there sufficient space to allow the barrier to sustain maximum deflection when impacted? » Is repair or replacement acceptable after a barrier impact creates permanent deformation? » Are barriers permanently installed or do they need to be removed on a regular basis? Many manufacturers rate industrial barriers based on their ability to stop an impact of 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph – which has been an industry standard for more than 30 years. However, while this rating provides a meaningful reference for a specific load at a specific speed, it fails to define several key variables: » How is the barrier’s performance affected when the weight of the impacting vehicle is increased? » How is the barrier’s performance affected as the impacting vehicle’s speed increases? » How severely was the barrier damaged by the impact? Is replacement necessary? » How much did the barrier deflect during impact? Did it stop the load soon enough to prevent injury or damage? 4 | | Safety Barrier Systems Dok-Guardian™ Safety Barrier This heavy duty safety barrier is made of a bright red PVC-coated fiberglass mesh curtain with three bright yellow heavy-duty restraint straps, that also serve as a highly visible warning sign. It operates manually, and easily fits across openings up to 16’5” wide. The Dok-Guardian is anchored on either side by yellow safety Rite-Hite Warden guards, which provide excellent door track protection. When loading or unloading, the safety barrier retracts into one of the Wardens. Loading dock safety barriers Ensure maximum safety at the loading dock and other areas of a plant that require separation protection. Safety Barrier Systems | | 5 Full-time safety integration The Dok-Guardian barrier is designed to integrate with Rite-Hite’s powerful Dok-Lok® system, to ensure full-time loading dock safety. 1 2 3 The red light on the Dok-Lok control box indicates that the Dok-Guardian’s curtain is safely locked across the opening. The Dok-Lok vehicle restraint safely secures the trailer to the loading dock. When the lock button on the Dok-Lok is pressed and the inside light turns green, the Dok-Guardian interlock releases, allowing for loading and unloading of a trailer. 6 | | Safety Barrier Systems Loading dock safety barriers Dok-Guardian™ LD Safety Barrier The Dok-Guardian LD barrier is ideal for a loading dock or work area where light duty material handling equipment is used. It also serves as a highly visible warning for operators and pedestrians. Warden™ TR Specifically designed for sectional doors, this unit provides door track protection without interfering with the door operation. Rite-Hite Barrier Systems These products all address OSHA 1910.28(b)(1) Dok-Guardian Dok-Guardian LD GuardRite Retractable Stopping power *Consult individual product BLAST chart for complete weight and speed ratings. Curtain stops up to 30,000 lbs. multiple times with little or no damage. Curtain stops up to 5,500 lbs. multiple times with little or no damage. Post stops up to 32,500 lbs. multiple times with little or no damage. Deflection when impacted Up to 11’5” opening: 17”Up to 16’5” opening: 30” Up to 11’5” opening: 17” Up to 16’5” opening: 30” 2” Maximum clear opening width 16’5” 16’5” NA Ease of removal & repositioning for access to opening Manual operation: Less than 10 seconds, 30 lbs. of force. Manual operation: Less than 10 seconds, 30 lbs. of force. Barrier is manually retracted/raised, requiring 20 lbs. of pressure. Special notes Common member units and interlock options available. Wardens protect door tracks on stand-alone units. Common member units and interlock options available. Wardens protect door tracks on stand-alone units. Can be used in conjunction with GuardRite Safety Handrail. Safety Barrier Systems | | 7 Separation means protection in your plant Your plant can be a dangerous place. When it comes to protection, a yellow line painted on the floor just doesn’t cut it. GuardRite Retractable Barrier is designed for areas of your plant that require a heavy-duty safety system, but also allows access when needed. Designed for impact » Designed to stop up to 30,000 lbs. » Barrier extends 10” above floor level » Rugged steel construction Flexible design » Barrier is lift assisted, stores flush with floor surface, locks up and down » Can be used in conjunction with GuardRite Removable Handrail GuardRite® Retractable Barrier A rugged steel barrier that provides heavy-duty protection and stores flush with floor when access is needed. Shown with optional GuardRite Removable Handrail SpanGuard® Mesh SpanGuard Mesh is a lightweight, high-visibility barrier that helps define and separate workspaces, and will restrict access to hazardous areas like loading docks and walkways near fork truck traffic. It can be easily removed and stored, or relocated should the plant layout change. GuardRite® Removable Handrail GuardRite Removable Handrail is used as a visibility barrier to separate and protect areas of your plant that need occasional access. The handrails lock in place, are removable between posts, and are designed to nest on other rails for easy access. In-plant safety barrier systems Rite-Hite Barrier Systems SpanGuard Mesh GuardRite Strap GuardRite Flex GuardRite Steel GuardRite Sure-Stop Safe-T-Gate Vertical Safe-T-Gate Swing GuardRite Removable Handrail Stopping power Consult BLAST Impact Rating Chart for complete weight and speed ratings. Stops up to 2,000 lbs. of force. Stops up to 30,000 lbs. of force. Stops up to 5,000 lbs. of force. Stops up to 30,000 lbs. of force. Stops up to 29,800 lbs. of force. Stops up to 1,000 lbs. of force. N/A Rail stops up to 5,000 lbs. multiple times with little or no damage. Deflection when impacted 60’ long curtain: 12”-24” depending on tightness of curtain. 20’ length: 32” 40’ length: 50” 60’ length: 84” 9’6” long rail: 2” 9’4” long rail: 12” 2” Up to 10’0” opening: 6” 5’ gate: 6” 2” Maximum clear width between uprights 60’ 60’ 9’8” 9’4” Does not utilize uprights – individual sections are bolted together. 12’0” 5’0” 10’4” Ease of removal & repositioning for access to opening 1-2 minutes. 20:1 gear ratio makes it easy to tighten. 5-10 minutes. Optional storage system available. Permanently fixed posts; rails can be installed to allow easy lift-out. 10’ rail weighs 15 lbs. Permanently fixed barrier. Removable rail option available. 9’4” rail weighs 80 lbs. Permanently fixed barrier. Manual operation: Less than 5 seconds, 15 lbs. of force. Manual operation: Less than 5 seconds, 15 lbs. of force. Handrail locked in place, removable between posts, self- storing. Less than 10 seconds. Special notes Available in 30’ and 60’ lengths. Latching post can be common member. Single post and/ or single strap configurations also available. Posts can be common member. Straps available in 10’ increments. Rails can be sized in field. Up to seven rails can be installed between posts. Add-on post can double height. Standard rails: 9’4” Shorter, custom-sized rails available. Can be combined with GuardRite Flex or GuardRite Strap. 90° corner section available. Posts can be used as common members with GuardRite Flex. Overhead clearance required is opening width plus 4’4”. Posts can be used as common members with GuardRite Flex. Can be used in conjunction with GuardRite Retractable. 8 | | Safety Barrier Systems GuardRite® Sure-Stop GuardRite Sure-Stop is an eight-inch high gusseted barrier that is available in 18”, 24”, 36”, 48” or 60” lengths. It’s essential for safeguarding the bases of electrical boxes and the walls in modular buildings. Safe-T-Gate® Swing Safe-T-Gate Swing is a low cost, easy-to- operate safety gate personnel barrier. It can be used inside a facility to separate pedestrian walkways or other light duty applications. GuardRite® Strap GuardRite Strap is a simple but powerful barrier. It’s designed to provide protection in places where occasional unrestricted access is needed. That includes interior loading docks and exterior platform docks. GuardRite® Steel GuardRite Steel is a traditional guardrail, ideal in situations where rigid, durable protection is needed. Examples include isolating open, exposed work areas, separating conveyors from pallet storage, and protecting workstations at loading docks. GuardRite® Flex GuardRite Flex is a modular, high-visibility fixed barrier system that is easy to install, and can be configured in a variety of ways. It’s ideal wherever separation for pedestrian traffic is necessary — at entrances to the plant, along inside perimeter walls, and outside of cafeterias and restrooms. Safety Barrier Systems | | 9 Safe-T-Gate® Vertical Safe-T-Gate Vertical is a lightweight, cost effective personnel barrier that provides easy pedestrian access whenever needed. While not designed to stop material handling vehicles, it will absorb minor bumps with little or no damage. Mezzanine safety barrier systems 10 | | Safety Barrier Systems GateKeeper® Mezzanine Safety Gate When the outer gate on the edge of the platform is opened, the inner gate closes to prevent access to an exposed edge. When the inner gate is opened the outer gate closes to provide a barrier on the exposed edge. The exclusive Saf-T-Latch prevents workers from raising the gate from inside the work zone. Integral toeboard prevents objects from being pushed to a lower level. The guarded 3” track and nylon rollers with sealed precision bearings provide smooth, maintenance-free operation. » Exclusive link bar design ensures both gates work in unison » Optional automated design uses push button control features for easier operation » Addresses ANSI standard MH28.3 6.4.3 - 2009 RacKeeper® Safety Gate The RacKeeper Safety Gate is perfect for multilevel pick modules or any other elevated work area that requires fall protection within a racking system. Protect your employees and avoid accidents when working on mezzanines and elevated work platforms with this dual reciprocating safety barrier. In-plant warning systems Safety Barrier Systems | | 11 Safe-T-Signal® Intersection Warning System Safe-T-Signal helps prevent accidents where people and material handling equipment share the same space in your facility. It detects traffic from all directions and projects various safety signals, warning each person of the approaching traffic. Traffic detection from all directions » Unidirectional microwave sensors differentiate approaching traffic » Designed for four-way, three-way and two-way intersections » Adjustable sensing range and sensitivity » Communicates using yellow LED yield sign and red LED stop sign » When two or more red LED stop signs appear, a blue LED light is also projected onto the floor » UL Listed 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input, Class 2 24V output Power Supply Improving industrial safety, security, and productivity worldwide through quality and innovation. VEHICLE RESTRAINTS LOADING DOCK LEVELERS DOCK SEALS AND SHELTERS INDUSTRIAL DOORS HVLS FANS BARRIER SAFETY SYSTEMS MACHINE GUARDING SYSTEMS INDUSTRIAL CURTAIN WALLS 8900 North Arbon Drive Milwaukee, WI 53223, USA P 414-355-2600 (800-456-0600) F 414-355-9248A19BARB0917H2 Rite-Hite®, Dok-Guardian™, Warden™, Dok-Lok®, SpanGuard®, GuardRite®, Safe-T-Gate™, GateKeeper®, RacKeeper® and Safe-T-Signal® are trademarks of Rite-Hite Holding Corporation. Rite-Hite products are covered by one or more U.S. patents with other U.S. and foreign patents pending. The information herein is provided as a general reference only regarding the use of the applicable products. The specifications stated here are subject to change.