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MM Blog: Panoramic Views From A Plane

A look at Windspeed Technologies' SkyDeck — offering 360-degree views from an airplane.

If you’re an air traveler who loves looking out across the miles of open sky and clouds, then SkyDeck from Windspeed Technologies is for you. SkyDeck is a transparent bubble that can be installed on the top of a plane the goal of which is to create an exciting, experiential in-flight entertainment for VIP aircraft owners and the airline industry.

The transparent canopy will be made of materials similar to those used for the canopies of supersonic fighter jets and will be accessible via elevator or staircase. A one-seat and two-seat configuration is available to order and Windspeed says it will be possible to install the SkyDeck on a wide variety of aircraft, from wide-bodies to smaller executive jets.

Concerns that have been addressed include required structural modifications, the structural integrity of the canopy to withstand a bird strike and flight loads, condensation, noise levels, UV protection, safety and ingress and egress requirements.


Would you think an aircraft addition like this would be appealing for consumers? What safety or operational concerns would you have for a canopy like this?

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