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KROHNE to Highlight Analysis and Measurement Technology at 2016 International Cheese Technology Expo

KROHNE, Inc. will highlight its analysis and measurement technology ideal for the cheese-making industry at the 2016 International Cheese Technology Expo, April 12-14, at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI. KROHNE experts will be on hand in Booth #1633 to demonstrate the OPTIQUAD-M analysis system for dairies and cheese-making operations, the Viscoline inline process rheometer, and the OPTIMASS 7300 straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter. The OPTIQUAD-M spectroscopic analysis system for inline measurement features continuous, non-contact measurement of dairy application ingredients, including protein, fat, and lactose in milk products. Ideal for increasing protein content in cheese-making milk or vat milk, standardization of fat content in drinking milk, or setting a constant ratio of fat to protein in cheese production, the OPTIQUAD-M provides new opportunities for process optimization and quality improvement. The Viscoline inline process rheometer will also be featured at the booth. The Viscoline provides in-line, continuous measurement of fluid viscosity for process control and monitoring applications. Ideal for use wherever viscosity measurement is required for process or quality control, the Viscoline is a good choice for a variety of Newtonian or non-Newtonian applications, including yogurt and cheese making. Simple and efficient, the Viscoline features all stainless steel construction and no moving parts. No in-situ calibration is required. Visitors to KROHNE’s booth will also see the OPTIMASS 7300 straight tube Coriolis meter, with highly precise measurement accuracy of 0.1 percent. The multifunctional sensor offers direct measurement of density, mass, volume, and product temperature. The single straight tube eliminates the need for a flow splitter and also optimizes cleaning processes, preventing product buildup on the inner walls of the measuring tube.