Tech Soft 3D Inks Development Pact With Adobe

BERKLEY, CA -- 3D component provider Tech Soft 3D recently announced it has signed an agreement with Adobe Systems Incorporated to transition development and support of Adobe’s 3D SDK and related technologies, associated employees, and resources to Tech Soft 3D.

Consisting of a 3D CAD translation suite and PDF publishing SDK, the technology allows OEM development teams to create applications that access data from over 25 popular 3D file formats, and publish rich 3D PDF files in the industry-standard PRC and U3D formats. Adobe will continue to support viewing of and interaction with 3D data within its applicable products, including the free Adobe Reader software. Moving forward, Tech Soft 3D will continue to make updated CAD translators available to end users as plug-ins to applicable Adobe software for reading and outputting 3D PDF.

Upon closing of the transaction, Tech Soft 3D will maintain the existing development center in Lyon, France, which will continue to aggressively update, enhance, and support the technology. For easier application integration, Tech Soft 3D plans to immediately repackage the 3D SDK and PRC publisher into pure library form.

“This CAD translation technology has long been considered best-in-class, so we're eager to provide it in pure library form to best help developers with their data access needs and to allow Acrobat users to access a broad set of CAD formats,” says Tech Soft 3D CEO, Ron Fritz. “With the growing popularity of 3D PDF as a standard for collaboration and data exchange, we anticipate that leading 3D software developers such as Anark Corp., Lattice 3D, and Kubotek will welcome the ability to publish data in the PRC and U3D formats. I'm also looking forward to Tech Soft 3D's continued participation in the ISO working group developing PRC as an open standard.”

“Tech Soft 3D has a commanding knowledge of the market and a track record of successfully managing the needs of its software customers,” says Kumar Vora, Vice President and General Manager of Adobe LiveCycle® Business. “With its many years of experience supporting the integration of 3D CAD data importers and exporters to PLM software, we're confident that Tech Soft 3D is the right partner to continue to develop the 3D translator technology that helps our customers get their valuable 3D data into PDF.”

“Anark is a leading provider of solutions for manufacturers based on Acrobat and 3D PDF, as well as a long-standing development partner with Tech Soft 3D,” says Stephen Collins, President and CEO of Anark Corporation. “We are extremely pleased to see this enabling Adobe technology entrusted in the capable hands of Tech Soft 3D.”

Tech Soft 3D has been a key Adobe reseller to the engineering software community for the Adobe PDF Library SDK since 2005. In 2008, Tech Soft 3D was named a distributor of the Acrobat 3D SDK for OEM integration of Acrobat software's 3D capabilities into CAD/CAM/CAE software.