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30 Most Transformative Technologies of 2010

When asked which companies are at the forefront of bioenergy technologies, Biofuels Digest readers showed particularly strong support for microalgae-based solutions.


Jim LaneIn Florida, Biofuels Digest announced the winners of its “30 Most Transformative Technologies of 2010? poll. The publication’s readers submitted more than 48,000 votes from 3,500 ballots during the three-week voting process.

The readers chose between transformative bioenergy technologies at more than 250 companies, universities and national laboratories, including 100 organizations that received write-in votes.

The 2010 Transformative Technology 30
(Please follow the link below for more data on each organization’s technologies)

Overall, the 30 selected organizations represented 14 of the 18 total categories in the poll. Among categories that did not produce a winner, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s butanol-based project led in the Electrofuels category, Iowa State led in the Pyrolysis category, the Solana/British Airways project led in the waste-to-energy category, and UOP led in the Chemical reforming and hydroprocessing category.

Close competition between numerous competing technologies within a category in many cases prevented outstanding companies from reaching the Top 30 – notably, fierce competition in the waste-to-energy, pyrolysis and enzyme technology categories. Support for organizations developing microalgae-based technologies was particularly strong with 17.83 percent of readers selecting the category as a whole.

One technology, the FORD Bobcat project which developed an ethanol-injection technology capable of increasing fuel economy through use of ethanol (compared to a drop of up to 25 percent, using ethanol in standard engines), was discontinued by its developers.

Overall, six of the recipients represented consortia or joint ventures.

21 of the 30 organizations recognized in the Transformative Technologies poll also were recognized in the “50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy” for 2009-10.

The leading categories, as recognized by the readers, were:

MicroAlgae, cyanobacteria, lemna, and plankton platforms – 17.83%
Waste to energy and symbiotic systems – 9.46%
Seaweed – Macroalgae technologies – 8.63%
Biodiesel systems – 8.59%
Cellulosic ethanol – 7.83%
Biobutanol technologies – 6.47%
Microbial fuels  – 5.64%
Renewable chemicals – 4.81%
Enzyme technologies and platforms – 4.09%
Cellulosic ethanol/Consolidated Bioprocessing – 3.67%
Pyrolysis – 3.60%
Advanced feedstock technologies -  3.48%
Salt-tolerant feedstocks – 3.41%
Small scale systems and microfuelers – 3.03%
Engine technologies -  2.99%
Chemical re-forming and hydroprocessing technologies – 2.20%
Electrofuels – 2.16%
Fischer-Tropsch technologies – 2.12%

Organizations that missed out on the top 30, but ranked in the overall Top 50
(Please follow the link below for more data on each organization’s technologies)

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