Herbal Essences, TerraCycle Create Brand’s First-Ever Beach Plastic Bottle

Herbal Essences has teamed up with a waste management company, TerraCycle, to create recyclable shampoo and conditioner bottles made of 25 percent beach plastic.

Each year, upwards of 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in rivers, lakes, and oceans, harming the plant and wildlife that make up these naturally diverse environments. To celebrate World Water Day, Herbal Essences has teamed up with waste management company, TerraCycle, to create recyclable shampoo and conditioner bottles made of 25 percent beach plastic. This partnership is just one step in helping TerraCycle advance their mission to eliminate the idea of waste and bring awareness to the plastic pollution in our waterways.

“Plastic floating in our oceans and rivers has been a recent topic for discussion and unless people work to find solutions, it stays just that—a discussion,” says Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO. “By incorporating beach plastic into their bottles, Herbal Essences is showing that they are committed to doing something and leading by example. I look forward to our continued work together to raise awareness and make a bigger difference.”

Herbal Essences believes in the positive power of nature and the important role biodiversity plays in keeping our planet in balance. By partnering with innovators like TerraCycle, Herbal Essences will help make a difference in driving awareness of ocean plastic and positively impact the brand’s footprint. By joining forces, both companies can drive more awareness and encourage more consumers to make better choices when the products they use reach their end of use cycle.

“Businesses can play an important role in driving and inspiring change in the world,” says Ilaria Resta, North America general manager of P&G Hair Care. “My team and I are very passionate about driving responsible consumption. Actions like incorporating ocean plastic into our bottles is just one way we are bringing innovative solutions that have a reduced impact on the environment. This is a step towards our long-term vision of using 100 percent renewable and recycled materials in our products and packaging.”

Three of the Herbal Essences bio:renew Collections—White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint, Argan Oil, and Coconut Milk—will be available in these limited-edition Beach Plastic bottles from March to June 2019.

Herbal Essences is continuing to partner with TerraCycle beyond this limited-edition Beach Plastic bottle in a nationwide take-back program to ensure every Herbal Essences bottle can be recycled and not end up in the ocean. The take-back program will begin in time for World Ocean Day on June 8, 2019. Both Herbal Essences and parent company P&G are proud sponsors of The Ocean Project to grow engagement and action to protect our shared oceans.

Learn more about this innovative beach plastic bottle in the video below.

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