Manufacturing Minute: Another Rival For Tesla?

In this episode, meet Tesla's latest rival — the Thunder Power Sedan.

A Taiwanese power tool company is the latest to challenge Tesla. Welcome to your Manufacturing Minute.

German automakers Audi and Porsche each unveiled new fully electric prototypes at this month's Frankfurt Auto Show, but those storied automakers aren't alone.

Meet the Thunder Power Sedan.

Thunder Power says its concept car can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds and has a range of more than 400 miles on a full charge.

The company is also ambitious about its sedan. Sales in Europe should begin in 2017 and in China the following year. Eventually, Thunder Power hopes to test the U.S. market.

Other car companies are rapidly expanding their efforts in electric vehicles, and Thunder Power joins Apple and Google as potential competitors for Tesla from outside the traditional car-making realm.

So, What Do You Think?

With electric cars making up a tiny percentage of the overall auto market, will the emerging sector have enough room for that many players?

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