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By The Numbers: GM's Recall Lawsuits, Costs And Probes

Here is a by-the-numbers look at the recall issues haunting GM.

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General Motors Co. is looking past last year's safety recalls of 36 million vehicles worldwide as recall costs continue to shrink. Here is a by-the-numbers look at the recall issues, including new information filed Thursday in GM's second-quarter earnings release and its report to securities regulators:

$625 million: New final estimate of how much the company will spend to compensate victims of crashes caused by faulty small-car ignition switches. Old estimate was $400 million to $600 million.

$280 million: Amount paid to ignition switch crash victims and families as of July 17.

124: Number of deaths compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg has determined are eligible for compensation.

269: Number of injuries deemed eligible for compensation.

121: Number of lawsuits pending against GM in U.S. and Canada alleging loss in values of cars due to last year's recalls.

181: Number of U.S. and Canadian wrongful-death or injury lawsuits pending due to recalls.

50: Number of state attorneys general investigating the company over the ignition switch and other recalls. In addition, the U.S. Attorney's Office, Congress, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Canadian safety regulators also are investigating.

66: Percentage of the 2.6 million older small cars recalled for faulty ignition switches that have been repaired as of Tuesday.

75: Percentage of 2014 recall repairs GM expects to finish by the end of 2015.

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