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Sony Layoffs Signal the Death of Recordable Blu-Ray

Mass produced discs for album and movie releases are safe for now.

It seemed the DVD met its match in 2006 when Blu-Ray discs hit the media market with better audio quality and much more storage capacity. And while streaming services soon after became the content platform of choice, Blu-Ray discs have maintained a presence nonetheless.

But some recent news from Sony suggests that the Blu-Ray disc might be on its way out.

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According to reports, Sony recently confirmed that it would be laying off some 250 workers at its recordable media manufacturing plant in Japan. 

And while the production changes reportedly only pertain to recordable discs at this time – not pressed discs like those that are being used for mass produced products like record or movie releases – its certain that diehard fans of hard media will mourn the loss as sources say Sony will “gradually cease production of optical disc storage media products, including Blu-ray discs.”

If writable discs for backing up your favorite albums or movies go the way of the dinosaur, at least know that Sony intends to continue to sell B2B versions for consumer product by making them in advance… not to mention, you can stock up on writable discs, at least for now. 

Sony told AV Watch that it has yet to decide on a specific end date and “will continue to sell them for the time being.” That means there’s still time to make that last, epic mix.

In the last decade, we’ve said goodbye to several once fundamental technologies… including – but not limited to – the pager and, of course, the Blackberry.

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