The World’s First AI Rapper Drops New Track

And it’s hot.

And now for something completely different. And if that phrase didn't date me, my attempt to cover this next story will.

The world has its first AI rapper. FN Meka is an artificial intelligent-powered rap artist that has produced just three songs, yet raked in millions of views online.

The robot recently released its third track "Speed Demon" and curse me if I haven't already listened to it a dozen times. Though it is only about 2.5 minutes long. A sample. 

Yeah, try to get that out of your head for the next 24 hours. It’s impossible.

Most of the song is the relentless chanting of the track's title as well as lyrics like “when you hear the engines screaming,” “body flawless,” and “livin' lawless”: -- though it's easy to be flawless and lawless when you're not real. 

The lyrics are still somehow superior to those created by Shimon, singer/songwriter robot created by Georgia Tech researchers that we covered back in February 2020, a mere two weeks before ... well, you're living it too. 

FN Meka, a self-described robot rapper not accepted by this earth, has also released “Moonwalkin” and “Internet.” The body of work has been described as creepy, but catchy and of little consequence.  

As noted by WFPK, FN Meka has energetic, but passionless lyrics that seem to strictly be about consumerism. Still, the AI has more than a billion views and nine million TikTok followers and, perhaps it’s best compliment, it could be mistaken for a bad human rap artist. 

As machine learning and AI advances, so will attempts to recreate art, though we are far from replacing any human of consequence. 

And thanks to Scott for sending in the story. FN Meka kind of blew my mind too. 

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