Benefits Beyond Safety

How a leading manufacturer leveraged a digital solution for safety compliance and training to simplify processes, save time and reduce costs.


Decora Blind Systems Ltd is one of Europe’s leading blind manufacturers. Over the years they have grown exponentially and have become a well-recognized and trusted company winning numerous awards, including the Business Growth Award at the Lisburn Business Awards. They are also recognized within the Top 1000 to inspire Britain as one of the UK's most dynamic companies.

Operating over 330,000 square-feet, with facilities in Lisburn (NI) and Birmingham (England), their manufacturing and distribution facilities support a global service network. The Decora team is made up of over 1,000 employees.

Decora has said that implementing a Compliance, Safety and Training software platform has saved the company substantial time and money all whilst making business easier.

Barry Hughes, Training & Development Manager at Decora states, β€œ We began with a simple task of replicating our internal processes digitally, but what digitizing these processes has actually achieved is to allow our staff to spot potential time savings in their daily jobs, and empowered them to re-examine their processes and make implementable suggestions that will save the company considerable time and money. Our induction process has been transformed and opened up our staff to a new way of thinking."

Hughes states that the Obbi platform optimized key processes and opened their eyes to a new and easier way of doing things. For example, the old induction process used to take from 9.00 am to 1:00 pm, and had to be carried out by senior staff and management. Now the process has been simplified to the point that it can be delegated to multiple staff members and delivered by 10.30 am. It has also simplified payroll administration, even allowing for it to be done remotely - a big benefit in the current climate.

Additionally, the software has provided a key assist with health, safety and compliance reporting by providing the ability to digitize and schedule any audits, and check on scheduled alerts that let individual users or teams know what needs to be done on everything associated with people, processes, and property. Failure and non-conformance notifications now drive standards, with personalized forms and automatic reporting that has trimmed administrative bureaucracy by up to 75 percent. 

"We can now also digitally create and log any incident, accident or near miss on our own company forms with an instant notification of any incidents to all relevant parties," states Hughes. "The ability to pull all training, compliance and audit records from the platform also enables full case management at the touch of a button to mitigate risk.”


Obbi Solutions software platform can transform businesses  by looking at their existing skill sets to tackle challenges and focus on growing the business. It drives profits and protects companies by mitigating risk through automating the traditionally manual paper-based processes. The software can be accessed on any smart device, anywhere, at any time. For more information visit

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