Stand-Alone Safety Speed Monitoring Interface

The two models are specifically designed to monitor zero, minimum and maximum speed.

Sv Mro Interface 300

Norstat (Rockaway, NJ) is introducing a stand-alone safety speed monitoring interface specifically designed to monitor zero, minimum and maximum speed. These interfaces are available in 2 versions:

  • The SV MR0 relay is designed for Overspeed and Zero speed control.
  • The SV MR0 U relay is for Under speed control.

Both modules integrate and are available with selectable manual or automatic restart, have EDM feedback input for external contactors monitoring and Enable inputs when monitoring the same axis, in different working phases. LED indicators signal both Faults and PNP system status, which will indicate overspeed or under speed threshold crossing. Both modules have two inputs for PNP proximity switches. Additionally, P1 and P2 selectors allow the operator to set values from 01 to 99, while the P3 selector allows the operator to set a multiplier to apply to the numeric value obtained with the first two selectors. The P3 multiplier can be set in either “Hz” or  “rpm”.  These interfaces carry an IP rating of 20 for the housing and IP 2X for terminal blocks, operate in temperatures from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius and utilize a DIN rail fastening system according to EN50022-35 standard.

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