East Providence, R.I. — To celebrate 30 years of developing plastic bearings, igus has retrofitted a car with 56 of its iglide bearings and sent the vehicle off on a multi-continent journey to showcase their benefits in demanding applications. The components have been fitted into all areas of the car, including the pedals, alternator, window regulators, convertible top, gearshift, and more. The company says these come on top of the 200 million plastic iglide bearings that were already installed in cars and trucks just last year.

During the 20-country journey, the company will be showcasing some of the main benefits of its plastic bearings, which include:

  • Increased wear resistance to tribologically optimized plastic compound, designed to withstand high stresses.
  • Resistance to dirt, oil, and chemicals, pressure resistance and shock absorption, all of which make them good choices for use in the chassis, engine compartment and gearbox.
  • A corrosion-free, self-lubricating and silent operation, which also makes them suitable for door hinges and other moving parts.
  • Lower weight than metal bearings, which can contribute to a vehicle’s overall lightness, reducing fuel consumption.

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