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Engineering Newswire: Phantom Boat Flies Above the Water

This latest episode of Engineering Newswire from Product Design & Development takes a look at 3D printing documentaries exploring challenges of emerging companies, talks about toilet lights and imagines riding the flying phantom above the water.

This Engineering Newswire looks at 3D printing documentaries, talks about toilet lights, and riding the flying phantom above the water. 

Let's Talk Toilets: Bill Gates and his foundation may be off reinventing the toilet overseas, but what about our problems here at home? The aptly named Tooshlights is an automated LED lighting system designed to increase public bathroom traffic flow by letting you know where to go.

3D Printing on the Big Screen: Print the Legend, which premiered Sunday at SXSW, takes a hard look at the challenges of emerging companies trying to play ball in a world of big-dollar capitalism, even in a niche market. It's a documentary about the triumphs and failures of engineering startups that just happen to be 3D printing companies.

Flying Phantom: Phantom International has introduced its next generation of foiling catamarans, the Flying Phantom. The Flying Phantom features a combination of "L" shaped foils and "T" shaped rudders, providing pitch and heave stability in full flight but also being competitive in light winds.

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