VIDEO: Another Controversial Coke Commercial

It seems that each new Coca-Cola video commercial has a built-in controversy. The most recent one shows impoverished laborers in the United American Emirates calling home from a phonebooth that accepts Coke caps as payment. Some call it exploitation.

Recently, it seems that each new Coca-Cola video carries a built-in controversy. First, the soda giant's Super Bowl ad featuring the patriotic anthem "America the Beautiful" was criticized as anti-American. Then, a Diet Coke commercial was interpreted as a drug innuendo. The most recent Coca-Cola commercial shows impoverished migrant South Asian laborers in the United Arab Emirates calling home to their families from special phonebooth that accepts Coke bottle caps as payment. Some say the commercial exploits the laborers that the company attempts to help for Coke's gain. Perhaps controversy is their new marketing gimmick.

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