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Colorado Town Can Exhale: Water Tested Negative For THC

A small town in Colorado doesn't have to worry about THC being in its water anymore.

A small town in Colorado doesn't have to worry about THC being in its water anymore.

Initial testing earlier in the week in Hugo, Colorado, led to a warning from authorities to avoid cooking with or drinking the town's water.

"It's a field kit. It's a presumptive positive. It's much like a pregnancy test. It shows for the presence, not quantity or anything like that," an officer told KKTV

KUSA reports scientists with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation believe the first test kits gave a false positive.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office canceled the advisory Saturday morning after the CBI said the water samples throughout the town tested negative for THC.

But authorities said there was evidence of possible tampering with one of the town's wells.

The investigation into possible forced entry into a well house is still ongoing.

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