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Bakery Depositor

Bakery manufacturers can portion a smooth flow directly from the depositor with this product. No heavy lifting is required. Ideal for batters, fillings, mousse, icing and sauce.

The iSpot Depositor allows operators to draw and portion smooth flow-able products directly from bowl or pail without any heavy lifting. As a cross-functional machine, it can be used on various products including batter, fillings, mousse, icing and sauces. The compact depositor fits containers up to 23” inches in depth. Operators can deposit up to 150 deposits a minute. Product comes with a 1” hand-held nozzle with a 5’ food grade sanitary hose that takes all standard bakery tips, and also an optional pail shelf to keep containers off the floor β€” reducing risk of floor contaminants. Other features include:

β€’        Compact and portable

β€’        No manually filling of hopper required

β€’        Cantilever design  enables eay positioning of the machine into the bowl

β€’        No spilling, heavy lifting or resulting injuries

β€’        Deposit up to 150 deposits a minute

β€’        Ideal for batters, fillings, mousse, icing and sauces



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