Slicing System

Slicing system increases yields while reducing valuable giveaway. All this adds up to consistent slice thickness, accurate portion weights and faster payback.


Today’s consumers are demanding a wide variety of convenient, top-quality sliced meat, poultry and cheese products. As a result, you need to incorporate the best slicing technology on the market to help you get the best overall product quality possible. When building and updating your slicing line to meet increasingly discriminating consumer demand, it’s important to know which of the newest technologies will maximize your line performance and meet your exact production and application needs. Independent drives featured in the Formax PowerMax Slicing System increase yields while reducing valuable giveaway. The AccuPower Independent Drives promise complete control over each log as the product is delivered to the blade. When log lengths vary, it automatically compensates for the difference so all of the logs finish at the same time. All this adds up to consistent slice thickness, accurate portion weights, minimal giveaway and faster payback. Meanwhile, the PowerScanner makes portioning of irregularly shaped products faster and more accurate when coupled with PowerMax slicing systems and their independent drives. The patented slicing technology utilizes a system of lasers and cameras to generate a true 3-D product image prior to slicing. The slicer uses this information along with the loaf weight to determine the best way to slice the product to optimize yields.

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