Food Formers

The food portioners can form and portion beef, poultry, fish, vegetables and more.


From the smallest restaurant, supermarket or butcher shop to the largest industrial meat processor, this company has a food former/portioner to meet any application requirements. The company offers a full line of forming machines from table top to high production, multi-portion units. They form and portion beef, poultry, fish, vegetables, and more. The machines feature self-feeding product hoppers, patented Edge Guide paper feed systems, and electronic counters/stackers. The Exclusive Roto-FLOW Fill System is also available on some models. The Roto-FLOW System ensures gentle handling and forming of product. The end result is absolutely the best textured gourmet patty on the market today! Roto-FLOW patties cook faster, retain shape, and are more tender than standard patties.




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