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Extended, Heated Air Curtains

Berner International Corp., has added lengths of up to 16 feet long to go with their new high-efficiency VTH Venturi heater coil and VS Series air curtains.

Berner International Corp., has added lengths up to 16-foot-long and the high-efficiency VTH Venturi heater coil to its VS Series air curtains. The series is designed for environmental separation at internal and exterior industrial doorways and prevention of energy losses and infiltration of fumes, flying insects and airborne particulates, while improving occupant air comfort and safety. The 16-ga. aluminized steel, single-construction units are structurally-robust and need only end supports. The elimination of intermediate supports also reduces installation time. The VS Series' single construction design of the blowers and discharge nozzles allow for an even volume, velocity and uniform (VVU) airflow across the entire air curtain length. The thermally-protected VTH design, which ranges from 14 to 70-kW and 44,000 to 238,000-Btu/hr capacities, draws heat into the airstream via the fan Venturi and efficiently distributes the air. The positioning also increases serviceability by making heater element replacements a two-minute operation. Mill aluminum air intake screen and top and bottom access panels provide easy service and maintenance accessibility.

Berner International Corporation

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