Displays for Explosion-Protected HMIs

R.STAHL's Open HMI Series explosion-protected operating systems can now, on request, be fitted with 15-inch displays that reduce glare.

R.Stahl Open HMIR.STAHL has announced that Open HMI Series PC-based, explosion-protected operating systems can now — on request — be fitted with 15-inch displays that reduce glare and reflections to a minimum. According to the company, the displays additionally offer:

  • Easy reading — even in bright sunlight — since a filter pack effectively diverts even strong incoming ambient light, yet hardly affects the image display for viewers.
  • A combination of polarization filters placed on top of and behind one another in front of the display.
  • The flexibility to be adjusted to up to 1,000 cd/m².
  • A luminescence of 700 to 800 cd/m².



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