Counterbalance Handles Heavy Loads

OPW Engineered Systems’ new 890 Series “High Load” Counterbalance has been designed for loading arms that are required to handle extremely heavy loads.


OPW CounterbalanceOPW Engineered Systems, a leading manufacturer of systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of hazardous materials, and a division of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, now offers its new 890 Series “High Load” Counterbalance. This extension of the company’s industry-leading counterbalance product line has been designed for loading arms that are required to handle extremely heavy loads and is additionally:

  • Easy to calibrate because its spring-tension adjustments can be completed with one bolt and one socket wrench, making it a true “one man, one arm” operation.
  • Ideal for extreme operating conditions, thanks to its ability to achieve motion from 55 degrees above horizontal to 25 degrees below horizontal, with a torque rating of 19,000 inch-pounds.
  • Designed with an innovative halo bracket that ensures versatile operational ability and allows the operator to dial in the appropriate range of motion needed for a specific application.
  • Able to handle a 50-percent higher load capacity without any of the potentially dangerous drift that can compromise load stability, thanks to the high-load spring technology.
  • A money-saver since it does not require the pneumatic system that is typical for loading arms that have a longer reach or additional weight from attachments — the absence of a pneumatic system means that there is no need for costly air lines or the need to maintain an air supply at the loading platform.
  • Tested rigorously — to guarantee the viability of the series in high-load applications, the company put the counterbalance through more than 100,000 load cycles with a fully loaded arm, approximating decades of hard duty — with zero degradation in performance.


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