Upgraded, Redesigned and Extended Graphic HMI

Beijer Electronics’ upgraded iX version 1.30 offers open-platform architecture and world-leading graphics.

Beijer Electronics’ upgraded iX version 1.30Beijer Electronics’ upgraded iX version 1.30 offers open-platform architecture and world-leading graphics. The HMI solution additionally features:

  • Even greater functionality in development and runtime operation, as well as quicker screen changes and project builds.
  • A new scroll function, even better data uploads and downloads, and Chinese language support.
  • The ability to act as a universal project planning tool for all products of the iX Panel series.
  • A range that includes touch and keypad units from 4,3» to 19» display sizes.
  • An overall improvement in the performance of the iX Developer and the runtime, since new features have been added and existing features have been modified; resulting in an intuitive project-planning tool that creates realistic graphical environments in an efficient way.
  • Every newcomer to the iX developer V1.30 will take advantage of the large amount of existing demo project, helping them in the realization of their own projects — equally useful is the extended choice of demo screens.
  • Using the existing templates and scripts inspires the user to easily create their own solutions.
  • Animated GIF-files make the screen come alive and create a strong user attendance for a safe operation.
  • An improved toggle-tag-feature helps the user to create a back lighted switch in a flash, clearly showing the status of the push buttons.
  • Great reduction of the engineering time is implemented by the use of the extended object library and integrating the graphical elements into projects.
  • Database Export allows the summarizing of production data and alarm lists into complete reports with ease.
  • The solution produces Excel-formatted files which can be analyzed in external software programs.
  • In the runtime mode the new feature, Alarm-Viewer, offers a far improved navigation in alarm lists — by using the Touch-Scroll-Feature the user is able to sift through even long lists quickly and intuitively.
  • Keyboard layouts, which contain special characters e.g. Cyrillic or Chinese fonts are now included as standard equipment — the machine user overlays their language specific keyboard to work in a well-known environment.
  • The new trial version is now ready for download.

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